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Comment on How to Select and Copy Text from Restricted Website by Srikrishna Vanam

Comment on How to Select and Copy Text from Restricted Website by Srikrishna Vanam
Comment on How to Select and Copy Text from Restricted Website by Srikrishna Vanam Software Dec 1, 2008 SY Wong 28 Comments How to Select and Copy Text from Restricted Website Have you ever experienced some of web pages that don’t allow you to select and copy text? One of the intention is to prevent anybody from stealing the content and distribute it for commercial purpose. In fact this is a little trick that is done by using javascript which prevent you from selecting the text and eventually fail to copy it. Here we would like to show some simple steps that you can turn the situation around by able to copy the text without any restriction. To overcome this restriction, follow below steps: 1) Go to the website which restricts you from selecting and copying. 2) Copy below javascript and paste it at the address bar and hit enter key. javascript:void(document.onselectstart=null) 3) Now you can select and copy the text from this website using conventional way – highlight the text followed by CTRL C to copy, then paste it into notepad or word document. Hope this simple trick will able to help you overcome some situation whereby you need to copy the content for personal reference and please use this trick wisely! Also read Firefox Add-ons: Copy Plain Text to Copy Text Without Formatting Text Copying Disabled (Fix Copy and Paste Not Working Error) Tips to Move Paragraph and Select Text Vertically by Using Keyboard Shortcut in Microsoft Word Use QuoteURLText To Copy Selected Text From A Webpage Together With Its Metadata Monte Carlo Hey i too got another trick in Mozilla right click-> select all -> again (right click) -> copy all and remove unwanted stuff Neelkanth I can tell you one way to copy from any restricted website…. If you are using Firefox browser then right click at any point on website screen and select “Inspect Element” option. And there you will see many tabs on top of it. Select the very first settings tab. In that you will see Advanced settings. Below that select the option “Disable JavaScript”. And now you are done with it. Hope you will find this information useful…….Go on Copying………… Trilok thanks dear………….. its working…….. Surendra Thanks Alot Neelkanth… Its working Techswatch Hey admin your method didn’t worked for me as i use Chrome browser. But i want share how you can copy using Google chrome. Just Right Click on the page > Now select Print > Now you can copy from the print pop up windows nikos t wow dude!!!! thanks SO SO SO much for this hack…. it’s so easy!!!!!!!!!! i used to do it from the page source… but this is so easy… 1000 thanks… Cheers! nikos t the java code didn’t work for me either but the print hack is AWSOME!!! thanks for taking your time to post this tip…. i needed it so much for my blog. Srikrishna Vanam AWESOME JOB !! thanks man ! Shraffe is there anyway to disable such in other browsers like firefox or google chrome? my internet explorer is pretty shitty right now navin tnx buddy Chris I attempted this in Mozilla FF (which is my personal fav) but had no luck, then tried it in IE (Internet Explorer) and it works beautifully! Thanks – awesome tip! koden just hit F7 in explorer 9 and you can mark and copy the text vaibhav awesome work . .. thanks . .!! pavan hey dude hz can i copy particular string content from a page which are from same clas of style …if i given the url Atzi i tried the old-school newbie style where i click on the “page” & click on “edit in microsoft word”. From there you just copy everything you want & save it on other documents. (notes, words, etc) QV I just found out that you can simply go to Edit, Select All and Copy, then Paste into notepad or Word. This will copy everything on the website you viewing, so you have to then delete the part that you don’t want. This works for the website that I want to copy. Hope it work on other websites. Stylo hi this trick is not working for me http://googlebooksearck chetan hey dude it does not work for google book search. give some another trick Hamzah it doesn’t work for me on Google books….shame rosi copy go fattening cream and go but what ozna4ava vyvedete klu4 Taz OMg you rock!! Thanks.. works like charm in FF tho wont work in Chrome xx Ajit You are a genius. It was that simple. Thanks a million JT sos does not work on google books either – shame forex it work…thank Johny BOy You saved my life !!! It works for me ! ST Doesn’t work on Safari on a Mac running 10.5.5. avid fan it doesn’t work for me.. too bad Navjot Singh Does not work here: – Neither on FF nor on IE6. 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