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How popular is your favorite slot machine?

Rainbow Riches to Wheel of Fortune, one of the most played slot machines arcade games are in the country. But is there any way to tell which fruit-machine is the most successful? Marcus Miles focuses on a collection of the most popular slot games, like Rainbow Riches and Alien, to uncover what makes them so successful.

Rainbow Riches

Ask a slot machine player, what is the most successful slot machine and they will probably respond with Rainbow Riches. One of the most successful slot machine of the UK will be played Rainbow Riches by many gamers. A massive sensation in the local arcades and casinos, Rainbow Riches an Irish-themed slot machines.

One of the main attractions of Rainbow Riches is its 500-credit payout. The Rainbow Riches mobile slots game Rainbow Riches: Road to Riches, is expected to continue its popularity.


Inspired by the 1979 film by director Ridley Scott, Alien is a slot machine of the United Kingdoms most famous slot machines. This five-reel 20-game gives players the opportunity to take their slots in the outer space, a top jackpot of 200,000 coins may mean they re much richer in the world.

Although more than frightening the Rainbow Riches slots game, is another alien galaxy away from emulating the success of Rainbow Riches. The cheerful leprechaun of Rainbow Riches is just too popular for the egg-laying to overcome alien.


Famous for her good looks and portrays in everything from classic films to Shakespeare’s plays, Cleopatra has always been a famous figure. It would be apt then that a woman should also renowned for its wealth, the mascot for the United Kingdoms most popular slot machines. Although not as successful as Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra has a huge collection of players in the casino community. Much like Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra comes from the popularity of the frequent bonus rounds.

Wheel of Fortune

The hit game show was the inspiration for dozens of slot machines spin-offs. These slot machines, including pictures and sound clips from the hit competition show, were very successful in the UK. This game is playable over the Internet at sites like Kerching Casino Casino, including 5-reels and 15 lines.

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