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The new Indian casino will sit the Kewadin Shores Casino and $ 36 million hotel in a beautiful location on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is located north of the bridge overlooking Lake Huron Macinac of Horseshoe Bay. The hotel-casino complex is among the Chippewa Indians, which has five other casinos. There are 800 slot machines and 26 gaming tables in the 29,000-square-foot casino. The hotel opened in June last year, but not the casino. The problem is gambling illegal in the country is on the casino. And because gambling is not legal in the country, the casino is sitting idle.

Needless to say, the Chippewa nation, leadership is a little upset about the situation and the finger at each other over who is responsible for the $ 36 million mistake. Of the tribe, the former chairman and current chairman blame each other. Only 30 meters from the hotel’s casino is available in the country where gambling is illegal. The former president knew that this was when the building was in progress, but the foundation had been laid. Even if a second survey, this fact is the root not change their plans and proceeded to build the casino. The tribe’s lawyer accused the ruling National Indian Gaming Commission not to this topic. If the parent thought the government was in the casino and leave after the hotel and casino were completed, they were wrong. The result is that the tribe is building another casino is close to it for a price of $ 2,500,000.

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