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The Best Online Betting Sites that are Legal in the USA

When it comes to true betting sites on the Internet, many people are confused as to whether it’s legal or not. The truth is that most gambling is legal throughout the United States and many other countries. There may be some different methods used to withdrawing cash from winnings, but deposits are generally made with credit cards and withdrawals can be made a number of different ways, depending on the site you’re playing.
What USA Betting Sites are Legal?
Following is a list of online USA betting sites that are legal to play for citizens and residents who enjoy playing their favorite games from the comfort of their own home – or anywhere else for that matter!
1. 5Dimes Poker:
5Dimes Poker has been providing a wide variety of online games and choices since the year 1996. This site has incredible graphics and is easy to navigate. Customer service is great, and they offer 3 separate phone lines dedicated to customer support and are available around the clock.
The site offers straddle-pots which present higher payouts with plenty of action, Players from all 50 states are welcome to play, and it is totally legal. There are several table games here, as well as over 12 different types of poker.
2. Bovada Poker:
Bovada has been a high-quality gaming competitor since 2007 – and the popular site is growing fast. This is the perfect gaming site US citizens, although residents of Washington, Maryland, and New York are disallowed from creating new accounts. Bovada offers a wide variety of high action and entertaining betting games along with several sports betting options. This site is a must-see for gamblers.
3. Betonline Poker:
This site offers at least 20 different tournaments each day, and several offer free buy-ins exclusively for members. Additionally, residents of all 50 states are free to join. Betonline Poker offers a wide variety of casino games that include Blackjack, poker tournaments, a first-rate sports book, and much more. Betonline Poker is considered to be the fastest-growing online poker-site in the United States – and it won’t disappoint.

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